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Vacation Time! March 29, 2007

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I’ve been pounding the Airborne religiously for the last 2 days. I am feeling a little bit better. Hopefully, this cold will be gone tomorrow.

We are heading to Hawaii for Spring break early tomorrow morning. My son, Chris is turning 16 and this trip is to celebrate his birthday. We are looking forward to sun, boogey boards and snorkeling.

The Lava Man Triathlon is on March 31st. I’m going to get up early and go down to watch the start. I thought about doing it a few months ago, but I didn’t want to ship my bike and worry about all the details of racing etc. Also, this trip is about spending time with family.

I’ve taken a few days off to get over my cold. I can’t wait to run with my daughter on Alii Drive in Kona. Aloha!


Fighting A Cold March 27, 2007

Posted by Lisa Sabin in healthy lifestyles.

I managed to get all my work outs in last week in spite of a crazy schedule. These last two days I’ve been fighting a cold. I don’t know if it’s flying, climate change between California and Seattle or Spring allergies.

I bought some echinecea tea. I am also trying a product called Airborne. It’s similar to Emergency. Supposedly, it boosts the immune system, and speeds up the recovery process. When I was getting ready to run my first marathon in 1995, I started getting congested a couple of days before the race. I drank a bunch of tea and didn’t get sick. Maybe it was the placebo effect. I am willing to give it a try!

Staying Fit On The Road March 26, 2007

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I was in Garden Grove, CA from Tuesday through Sunday last week. I had a business conference that lasted 5 days. We started early at 8:55am and continued until 10 or 11pm at night, every night. We broke for lunch and dinner, but only for an hour or 1:15 at the most. I brought my work out clothes and hoped that I would be able to squeeze in a few work outs.

I checked into my room and headed to the gym. I wanted to get a work out in before we had our first meeting on Tuesday. The Hyatt in Orange County has an amazing gym. There were 3 treadmills, 5 elliptical trainers, a stairmaster and 3 or 4 bikes. They also had medicine balls, swiss balls, a bosu ball and free weights. The gym was open from 5am – 10pm. I ran on the treadmill, even though I prefer running outside, because I wasn’t familiar with the area.

I got up on Wednesday morning and hit the gym around 6 am. I was astounded to find every peice of equipment occupied. I was able to get in some cycling, a little running and some strength training. I was excited to see so many people making fitness a priority.

My goal was to take care of my health even though I was working long hours. I decided to workout 5 times over the course of the week, eat a piece of fruit every day, skip alcohol and drink more water.

I had met a runner/trainer who was also from Seattle, on the shuttle from the airport on Tuesday. I ran into him again on Wednesday and scheduled a run for the following morning at 6:15 am. We lucked out with the weather, it was around 50 degrees in the morning and warmed to around 70 – 74 in the afternoon. We ran down to Disneyland and back, about 45 minutes. We rewarded ourselves with Starbucks and stretching by the pool. I was able to get in another strength training work out and I finished the week with a long run on Sunday.

A lot of my clients have trouble maintaining fitness when they are traveling. I know it’s tough when meetings go late. It helps if you go into the week with a plan to get some exercise.

Here are some tips:
Bring your work out clothes and shoes
Check out the hotel gym or pool
See if there are any gyms near by
Ask about running/walking routes that are safe
TV Work outs (The Hyatt has pay per view Yoga and Pilates)
Eat as healthy as you can
Drink plenty of water

I returned last night and I feel like my fitness is still on track. This is a good thing because I will be wearing a swim suit in Hawaii on Friday, this week!

Tweeking My Diet March 20, 2007

Posted by Lisa Sabin in Fitness Goals, healthy lifestyles, hydration, nutrition, Weight Loss.

I think about what I eat every day and try to eat heathy grains, lowfat dairy products, lean meats etc. I try to avoid sodium. The RDA recommends keeping sodium intake below 2,000 mg per day. It’s amazing how much sodium is in everything! I will weigh a few pounds more the day after eating out or having pizza. It’s a challenge to keep it all in balance. I am trying to get a little leaner and still have energy to work out and maintain my busy lifestyle.

I was reading a case study in CompetitorNW The article is about Sean, a 27 year old competitive swimmer who started gaining weight after he quit competing. As a law student his schedule is busy, despite this he still manages to get in some swimming, rock climbing and cycling. His goals are to maximize energy levels and encourage fat loss and enhance performance. Isn’t this what we all want?

Kim Mueller, MS, RD, Sports Nutritionist noticed that Sean’s calorie intake was too low. (1,635 calories) His carbohydrate intake was too low as well as his protein intake. This would explain low energy levels and poor recovery from work outs.

Calorie and carbohydrate restriction can lower the amount of glycogen stored within the muscles and liver, which can lead to reduced power output and decreased endurance capacity. High protein, low carb diets have this same effect. It’s like putting the wrong kind of fuel in the engine.

Sean’s other problem was too many calories at the end of the day. Instead of eating 3 larger meals, it’s better to eat 4-6 smaller meals through out the day.

The solution for Sean:

Increase calories to 2100, focusing on adding more carbohydrates to help him recover from his work outs. At the end of 12 weeks Sean lost 10 lbs, and increased his lean body mass by 3 pounds, which equates to a 7% increase in metabolic efficeincy.

I read this article and started analyzing my diet. My calorie intake is not bad. I am in a recovery cycle right now, which means I am not burning as many calories. I notice that I am tired sometimes and that I come up short in the fiber department. I am not much of a fruit eater. I also need to drink more water.

New diet goal: Add 2 fruits per day. Drink more water. Try not to go over 5 hours with out eating something.

Recovery-Longest Run So Far March 19, 2007

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I am happy to report that I ran 61 minutes yesterday! It wasn’t really fast, there were about 5 big hills to slow me down. The course was perfect training for Bloomsday though. I intended to run 55 minutes for 10K or 6.2miles. I actually ran 6.5 miles.

Elevation gain: 480 feet
Temperature: 65 Degrees Farenheit
Average Pace: 9:40
Heart Rate High: 174
Average: 160
Time: 61.10
Calories Burned: 515

I experienced no significant pain in my foot. I didn’t have the usual pain during warm up. I just felt the normal tiredness and fatigue from and hour on the road. My foot stiffened up a bit later and was pretty tight this morning. This tells me I still need to seek softer surfaces for running. I feel pretty good about my progress.

More Work Outs With My Daughter March 18, 2007

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My daughter Natasha finished playing volleyball with her middle school team in February. Now she is gearing up to play with Alderwood Boys and Girls Club. We have taken the last month to work on general conditioning. She and I both need to work on core strength and balance. She is gaining strength, body awareness and learning how to transfer power.

Here is one of our lower body strength routines (3 Sets of 10 Reps):

Body Weight Squats
Alternating Forward Lunges (5lb dumbells)
Step Ups (12 inch step, 5lb dumbells)
Squat Jumps (5lb dumbells)

She is working with light weights and learning how to handle her own body weight. Each time we work out I really watch her form, to make sure she is using good alignment. Her movements are getting smoother as her body learns to recruit the appropriate musles to do the work. Her tendons are getting stronger and her bone density is improving. We do this routine only once a week, because it’s pretty intense.

We do some ab work afterwards and balance on the 1/2 foam rollers. We like to do yoga poses, like balancing stick and standing bow pose. Natasha’s background in dance and gymnastics really make a difference with the balance work. She has incredible flexibility and grace. I struggle to stay on the foam roller while she brings her leg up over her head and makes it look so easy.


Week One Bloomsday Training March 17, 2007

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This week my goal was to run 4 days instead of 3. The runs during the week range from 30-35 minutes. The long run goal for this week is 55 minutes.

Monday Off
Tuesday Weights
Wednesday Ran 32 minutes
Thursday Weights and 30 minute run
Friday Off
Saturday 30 minute run, 1.5 hours Bikram Hot Yoga.

I will go for my long run tomorrow. I’m feeling good so far. Next week will be a challenge because I am out of town for a conference. I will be gone for 5 days. I’ll pack my shoes and swim suit in case I get the chance to hit the pool.

Recovering From Plantar, Moving Towards My Next Goal March 14, 2007

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Every week my plantar fasciitis has slowly improved. I really feel like I turned a corner last Saturday when I was able to run 51 minutes without serious pain. I met with my coach and we developed a new training plan to get me ready for Bloomsday. Here it is:

Run 4 days per week
3 of the runs will only be 30-35 minutes
The 4th day will be my long run
Stretch immediately after running!

Our plan is to increase my total running time by keeping the runs during the week shorter and increasing the long run. I have been running 3 days per week. I can also supplement cardio as long as it doesn’t negatively impact my feet. The Ellitical traininer bothers them, but cycling doesn’t. I’ll add spin class to my routine to improve my cardiovascular fitness. I’m also continuing with strength training and hot yoga.

I know if I weren’t working with a coach, I would probably ignore the pain and power through it. That would only delay my recovery. I am looking at my long term goal of running the Portland marathon, as a qualifier for Boston. I have to train smart to get there. I wouldn’t be where I am now without my coach. Thanks B!

Bloomsday History March 13, 2007

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Bloomsday History

The Lilac Bloomsday Run was born during the running boom that swept the nation in the late 1970s. Local runner Don Kardong, who moved to Spokane in 1974, competed in several national class road races before and after his participation in the 1976 Olympic Marathon, and in the fall of 1976 he suggested to a local reporter that Spokane should have a downtown run of its own. The suggestion made its way into the newspaper’s headlines.

Spokane was enjoying renewed interest in its downtown area after hosting the 1974 World’s Fair (Expo ’74), and a fun run that took advantage of the newly renovated downtown and Riverfront Park seemed a natural fit. Spokane Mayor David Rodgers encouraged Kardong to pursue the idea, the local Jaycees adopted it as a project, and Medical Service Corporation (now Premera) joined as the event’s major sponsor, supplying financial support and organizational expertise.

At 1:30 p.m., on May 1, 1977, over a thousand runners participated in the inaugural Bloomsday Run, which was billed “Run With the Stars” in posters announcing the event. Olympic gold and silver medalist Frank Shorter crossed the line first, followed by Herm Atkins of Seattle and founder Kardong.

The success of the first year’s race led to an even greater turnout in 1978. Publicity generated by a sanctioning dispute with local AAU officials also helped the race expand to over 5,000 runners. By its second year, Bloomsday was already enormous by any standard, and a victory by Boston’s Bill Rodgers helped spread the event’s national reputation.

In subsequent years the Bloomsday field continued to grow, reaching 57,300 in 1988 before leveling off for two years. In 1991, Bloomsday took another jump to 60,104, and in 1996 the event reached its all-time high of 61,298.

During years of explosive growth, volunteers helped devise systems to deal with bottlenecks at registration, the finish area, T-shirt distribution, and throughout the process. Those systems have allowed Bloomsday’s size to increase without compromising the experience: each runner receives a postcard with time, place and finish position; T-shirts are given only to finishers; and every finisher is listed in the Souvenir Results Booklet distributed on Tuesday following the race.

Bloomsday volunteers pride themselves on producing a safe, exciting and enjoyable experience for all. That goal led to major changes for the 2006 race, when the finish line was moved to the north end of the Monroe Street Bridge and a new timing system using transponder chips was implemented. The chips allowed all participants to start on Riverside Avenue and to be recorded based on “net” time from start to finish.

During its history, the Lilac Bloomsday Run has added prize money for top runners (1982) and wheelchair racers, and the event consistently attracts the world’s top competitors. Bloomsday has been a member of the ARRA and PRRO Circuits of major U.S. running events, and in 1996 Bloomsday hosted the first PRRO World Road Running Championships. Over the years the race has been featured in Runner’s World and The Runner magazines, as well as on television on ESPN, Fox Sports Northwest, and the Outdoor Life Network.

Bloomsday impacts Spokane area youngsters as much as adults. The “Fit For Bloomsday” program, which was instituted in 1987, encourages fitness among over 5,000 participating elementary students each year. The Lilac Bloomsday Association has also provided 30 airline tickets each fall since 1993 for top high school cross country runners to attend the Footlocker Western Regional Cross Country Championships in California.

After three decades, Bloomsday has worked its way into the fabric of life in the Inland Northwest. For most residents, it’s impossible to imagine spring in Spokane without Bloomsday.

This race is a lot of fun. I did it a couple of years ago. It’s kind of hard to run fast because of all the runners in the first few miles. Then you hit the hills, which are pretty significant. The course starts at 1900 feet of elevation, drops down to about 1750 or so, then climbs up to about 1800, then drops back down again to around 1750, then climbs one more time back up to 1900 feet, around mile 5/12. This last hill is called Doomsday.


Bloomsday-Next Running Goal March 12, 2007

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I met with my coach who was in town for the St Paddy’s Dash. She and her husband are former Seattle natives, and avid runners, who love to come back every year for the St Paddy’s Dash. The race has sentimental value because they got married on St Paddy’s day in 1994.

Now they live in Arizona. I’ve gone down a couple of times to run the Rock n’ Roll Arizona Marathon and visit them. It’s nice to get away from the rain and snow and wear shorts in January. I love Arizona!

My coach thinks I will be ready for Bloomsday in May, if I continue to progress. So far I have been running 3 days per week. My last run was 51 minutes, just shy of 6 miles. I felt pretty good, no excrutiating pain! Bloomsday is a 12 K course, which is 7.47 miles approximately. The course is hilly and the race is historically one of the largest road races in the US. Several of my friends and clients are doing it this year. I am excited to have a new short term goal!