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Tweeking My Diet March 20, 2007

Posted by Lisa Sabin in Fitness Goals, healthy lifestyles, hydration, nutrition, Weight Loss.

I think about what I eat every day and try to eat heathy grains, lowfat dairy products, lean meats etc. I try to avoid sodium. The RDA recommends keeping sodium intake below 2,000 mg per day. It’s amazing how much sodium is in everything! I will weigh a few pounds more the day after eating out or having pizza. It’s a challenge to keep it all in balance. I am trying to get a little leaner and still have energy to work out and maintain my busy lifestyle.

I was reading a case study in CompetitorNW The article is about Sean, a 27 year old competitive swimmer who started gaining weight after he quit competing. As a law student his schedule is busy, despite this he still manages to get in some swimming, rock climbing and cycling. His goals are to maximize energy levels and encourage fat loss and enhance performance. Isn’t this what we all want?

Kim Mueller, MS, RD, Sports Nutritionist noticed that Sean’s calorie intake was too low. (1,635 calories) His carbohydrate intake was too low as well as his protein intake. This would explain low energy levels and poor recovery from work outs.

Calorie and carbohydrate restriction can lower the amount of glycogen stored within the muscles and liver, which can lead to reduced power output and decreased endurance capacity. High protein, low carb diets have this same effect. It’s like putting the wrong kind of fuel in the engine.

Sean’s other problem was too many calories at the end of the day. Instead of eating 3 larger meals, it’s better to eat 4-6 smaller meals through out the day.

The solution for Sean:

Increase calories to 2100, focusing on adding more carbohydrates to help him recover from his work outs. At the end of 12 weeks Sean lost 10 lbs, and increased his lean body mass by 3 pounds, which equates to a 7% increase in metabolic efficeincy.

I read this article and started analyzing my diet. My calorie intake is not bad. I am in a recovery cycle right now, which means I am not burning as many calories. I notice that I am tired sometimes and that I come up short in the fiber department. I am not much of a fruit eater. I also need to drink more water.

New diet goal: Add 2 fruits per day. Drink more water. Try not to go over 5 hours with out eating something.



1. Two Witches - March 20, 2007

I have been watching my sodium intake since around summer of last year – the cardiologist suggested it to help lower my blood pressure. Boy was in for a shock when I started reading the labels of the so called “healthy diet” foods I was using to lose weight. I found a lot of great stuff at the Healthy Heart Market online and the Rice House Diet online store – nice sauces, dressings, canned goods – even low sodium pickles. Lady Rose, (more then 60 lbs lost, less then 90 to go!), founder of The Diet Pulpit and co-author Incredible Shrinking Ladies blog

2. lsabin - March 26, 2007

You really have to know how to read the labels. huh?

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