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Staying Fit On The Road March 26, 2007

Posted by Lisa Sabin in fitness, Fitness and Travel, Fitness Goals, healthy lifestyles, nutrition, Travel Workouts, Working Out and Traveling.

I was in Garden Grove, CA from Tuesday through Sunday last week. I had a business conference that lasted 5 days. We started early at 8:55am and continued until 10 or 11pm at night, every night. We broke for lunch and dinner, but only for an hour or 1:15 at the most. I brought my work out clothes and hoped that I would be able to squeeze in a few work outs.

I checked into my room and headed to the gym. I wanted to get a work out in before we had our first meeting on Tuesday. The Hyatt in Orange County has an amazing gym. There were 3 treadmills, 5 elliptical trainers, a stairmaster and 3 or 4 bikes. They also had medicine balls, swiss balls, a bosu ball and free weights. The gym was open from 5am – 10pm. I ran on the treadmill, even though I prefer running outside, because I wasn’t familiar with the area.

I got up on Wednesday morning and hit the gym around 6 am. I was astounded to find every peice of equipment occupied. I was able to get in some cycling, a little running and some strength training. I was excited to see so many people making fitness a priority.

My goal was to take care of my health even though I was working long hours. I decided to workout 5 times over the course of the week, eat a piece of fruit every day, skip alcohol and drink more water.

I had met a runner/trainer who was also from Seattle, on the shuttle from the airport on Tuesday. I ran into him again on Wednesday and scheduled a run for the following morning at 6:15 am. We lucked out with the weather, it was around 50 degrees in the morning and warmed to around 70 – 74 in the afternoon. We ran down to Disneyland and back, about 45 minutes. We rewarded ourselves with Starbucks and stretching by the pool. I was able to get in another strength training work out and I finished the week with a long run on Sunday.

A lot of my clients have trouble maintaining fitness when they are traveling. I know it’s tough when meetings go late. It helps if you go into the week with a plan to get some exercise.

Here are some tips:
Bring your work out clothes and shoes
Check out the hotel gym or pool
See if there are any gyms near by
Ask about running/walking routes that are safe
TV Work outs (The Hyatt has pay per view Yoga and Pilates)
Eat as healthy as you can
Drink plenty of water

I returned last night and I feel like my fitness is still on track. This is a good thing because I will be wearing a swim suit in Hawaii on Friday, this week!



1. Karl McCracken - March 27, 2007

Working away from home and exercise is a tough mix. I find it’s easy for the first day or so, but after that, the long hours you mentioned start to catch up – not to mention the fact that often clients expect entertaining long after any sane person would be in bed.

So well done on this.

There’s a big plus side to being away though – you can get to go running in a new neighbourhood, and exploring is always kinda fun!

Enjoy Kona – sounds like you & Phil both deserve the break.

2. lsabin - March 28, 2007

Thanks, I am looking forward to it!

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