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Happy Feet! June 1, 2007

Posted by Lisa Sabin in boston marathon, Cortisone, Fitness Goals, Injury Prevention, Plantar Fasciitis, Recovering From Injury, running.

My feet are happy! Cortisone is something that should not be abused, but there are times when it’s just what you need to get the healing process started!

Wednesday I went to my podiatrist to get a cortisone shot in my left heel. I must be getting tougher because the shot didn’t hurt that much….

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1. David - April 12, 2008

I am glad the cortisone relieved the pain in your heel.

The only caution in that regard of course is that any pain killer will not promote the healing process. Research indicates that it actually stalls and even suspends the healing process. Which means the body still has to come back at some stage in the future to heal the area and if it doesn’t heal then arthritis can follow retirement of many athelites.

A great number of elite athelites are now using the latest technology that originates from NASA research.

Healing of tissue, whether bone or soft tissue requires a level of energy that exercise provides. The membrane of a cell opens its gates to the nutrients and releases waste when the level of energy is exactly right. Exercise provides that.

But pain and vigorous exercise do not generally go together. So these NASA originated devices simulate exercise and speed up the healing process – knocking it to half the time period of normally being ‘out of the game.’ The cells think they are being exercised but they aren’t, so the healing speeds up.

The last 4 years of Olympic Games have seen great success when trialing of these devices took place.

Might be good to check it out.
It is drug free.
Many people who have had to take regular cortisone and morphine due to extreme pain have reported they have given it away within 6 weeks.


2. Deb - August 27, 2008

I’m wondering if anyone has had surgery. My podiatrist is rec. it at his point. I’ve worn orthotics, had cortisone shots, iced, physical therapy, the works. Still very painful.

3. Shannon - January 21, 2009

I would like to know what this NASA technology is that David is talking about !! I have tried:

Good Feet orthotics: They made my inflammation spread into my shins.

Langer orthotics: Pain in shins went away, still have same amount of foot pain, though.

Night splints: They sort of squeeze my calf, which makes my legs fall asleep, which is very uncomfortable.

Saw a podiatrist: He said my Langer orthotic is best. Gave me a cortisone shot (that he said would cure me). It helped for 4 weeks & pain came back full bore.

Changed jobs: Went from cleaning houses to office job.

Stretch: Daily.

Nothing works. Would love to hear this NASA thing or any more advice!!

4. Shannon - January 21, 2009

To Deb on surgery:

My podiatrist says surgery has an 80% success rate. When you read about it online, it’s an 5-40% success rate & can actually make them WORSE ! I think your doctor & mine are just trying to make a buck !!

5. Exfoliating-Bath-Scrubber -Taylor - September 11, 2009

catch up this blog just on time. i was really having a problem on my feet lately and had been asking some of my friends having such same problem with me on how they have managed the pain. i am grateful for this blog since i have now the idea how to deal with it.

6. Angela - May 31, 2010

I’m scheduled for surgery on June 27th, I’ve been through all the classic non-surgical treatments and the pain is persistent. In my case, the coritsone shot I recieved actually made it worse. My orthopaedic surgeon is actually planning to do 4 things – partial release of the fascia, removal of bone spur, releasing the baxtars nerve and doing a gastroc slide. Even after all that he said the pain could come back. I’m willing to risk it now because I can’t do the things I love and I have my heart set on becoming a runner.

He also told me that, normally, they don’t consider the spur a problem – in fact I have one in my other foot and it rarely bothers me – but mine shows up so swollen on the MRI that he’s going to take it out. I’m not at all excited about surgery but I really hope it helps.

7. Mr PT Health - August 1, 2010

What are some exercises to help plantar fasciitis?
I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis for about a month now, and my feet are still bothering me. I have been icing my feet several times a day and I also stretch regularly. I was wondering what other exercises there are that would help with the pain so I can start training for cross country. Thanks!

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