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Murphy – Friend or Foe February 12, 2008

Posted by Lisa Sabin in healthy lifestyles.
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I grew up with dogs.  My mom is a dog-lover.  We’ve had everything from cocker-spaniels, dachshunds, boxers and even a poodle.  We never took the dogs for a walk or puppy class.  When the dog peed in the house, her nose was rubbed in it and she was thrown outside.   My mom keeps an immaculate house.  She trained the dog to go in one spot in the yard.  She even trained Brandy, the dachshund to put her toys away.   This woman likes a clean house!

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Managing a healthy body weight February 8, 2008

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The most common fitness goal and probably the most important is achieving and maintaining a healthy body-weight. Recent data indicates that approximately 66 percent of the United States adults are overweight (defined as having a Body Mass Index of 25 kg/m2 or higher) and 32 percent are obese (defined as having a Body Mass Index of 30 kg/m2 of higher). Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome and depression are just a few of the diseases that are related to obesity.

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10 tips for first time marathoners February 7, 2008

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If you are a runner planning your first marathon, here are 10 tips you don’t want to miss. 

Almost anyone can run a marathon, with proper training.  It is the ultimate test for many.  26.2 miles will take you to your edge both mentally and physically. 

There is a vast difference between a first time marathoner and a veteran.  The first time marathoner may think they can run 26.2 miles, but they don’t know what it feels like.  They don’t know what to expect.  They haven’t put themselves to the test and passed the test.  The veteran runner knows how their body responds to training.  They know they can complete a marathon, because they’ve  already done it.

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Replace your Running Shoes February 6, 2008

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If you want to stay on track with your running and fitness goals, the replace your running shoes on a regular basis.

Running in old, worn out shoes is a major cause of injury for runners.  Shoes break down and need to be replaced.  They lose shock absorption, stability and cushioning over time.  Continuing to run in old shoes increases stress on the joints, which can lead to overuse injuries.  Injuries such as shin splints, and tendonitis start as a nagging ache or pain, that can develop into a debilitating injury.  If the problem isn’t caught early, an annoying pain can become chronic injury. 

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How much protein does an athlete need? February 5, 2008

Posted by Lisa Sabin in fitness, healthy lifestyles, nutrition.
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Protein is an important ingredient in every athlete‘s diet. 

Protein has a variety of uses in the body. Minimal amounts of protein are utilized in aerobic exercise.  However protein is essential for repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue. It is also necessary for enzyme and hormone function and for the immune system.

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Runners – don’t forget the carbs February 4, 2008

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With all the carb free diets out there, it’s easy for runners and other athletes to fall into the trap of not getting enough carbohydrates in their diet to support their level of exercise

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Fitness is key to Longevity January 31, 2008

Posted by Lisa Sabin in fitness, healthy lifestyles, Weight Loss.
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If you want to live a long, healthy life, then focus on your fitness.  Too many people worry about their weight, instead of focusing on exercise and healthy living.

A study published in the December 5th issue of the Journal of American Medical Association finds that when it comes to longevity, being physically fit is more important than keeping your weight down.

In the study, scientists found people who were overweight, but fit tended to outlive those who were leaner but not in good shape.

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Body Image – What should I weigh? January 30, 2008

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Many people have self confidence issues related to being the ideal weight.  This can come from comparing yourself against standards, such as the BMI, and it can also come from comparing yourself against celebrities.

Body image is a strange thing. We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic expectations about the way we should look. Celebrities swing back and forth for movie rolls. They range from the chubby “Bridget Jones” character to nearly anorexic “Roxy Hart” character in the movie Chicago. Every week there are more pictures of skinny celebrities in the tabloids.

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Strenght Training vs Aerobics – which comes first? January 29, 2008

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Should people perform strength training ahead of aerobic training, or the other way around.  Which type of exercise should come first? 

A complete fitness program includes resistance training and aerobic training. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends moderate cardio 30 minutes 5 days a week or 20 minutes of intense cardio 3 days per week.  The recommendation for resistance training is 2 days per week, 8-10 exercises for all the major muscle groups. Do 1-2 sets, 8-12 repetitions in a controlled manner.

Resistance training has many benefits including increased bone density, increased lean body mass, and injury prevention. Aerobic training increases lung capacity, increases stroke volume, i.e. creates a more efficient heart. Aerobic training also burns lots of calories.

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Coffee – Mixed Review June 24, 2007

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coffee beans I have to admit that I love my morning coffee. I’ll drink coffee in just about any form, latte’s, mocha’s, cappuccino’s, you name it, all nonfat of course!

Occasionally, I clean up my diet and eliminate coffee, sugar, white stuff and wine. I usually drop a few pounds when I do this. I drink more water, when I eliminate the coffee, plus I am saving a few calories from latte’s, which creates a calorie deficit.

As a runner, I am interested in improving my performance. I want to run faster. I also want to maintain a healthy body weight, that will make it easier to run.